About Us



CoirMarket is the leading marketplace for the coir and coir products industry. This platform connects small scale manufacturers, producers, distributors, resellers, and consumers. Our primary goal is to uplift small scale manufacturers and people working in this industry with improved use of technology and logistics. We hope to promote coir products across the globe and create new markets. This is the only B2B2C platform developed exclusively by the coir industry for the coir industry.

Resellers and shop owners can launch fully branded eCommerce shops in CoirMarket. They can select specific products from different manufacturers and distributors. These shops can be wholesale or retail. When an end-user places an order for an item that’s not available in your retail store, it would be drop-shipped directly to the consumer or to the retail store. This expands your retail store’s inventory without adding more shelf space. Store owners control retail prices and other terms.

Manufactures and distributors control the wholesale price and terms. If you have your own logistics channel you can use them. If not, you can use CoirMarket logistics channels.  

We encourage each of the players in the market to be the best in their role. At the same time, each can utilize others to uplift the entire industry through this cooperative platform. As the platform, we provide eCommerce, marketing, payment processing, logistics, technology solutions.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments. is proudly built in Kerala, the land of coconut and coir.