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Kerala Coir Industry- In Short

The coir business is maybe the biggest business in the coastal villages of Kerala. Coir which is known as “the golden fiber”, is put to a variety of uses, both industrial and agricultural.

The State, with its positive ecological setting, a plentiful supply of coconut, and gifted work has given the conditions important to its development, improvement, and advancement. The business pulls in significant budgetary support every year from the State and the Central Governments and is likewise a huge worker of income through export. 

The industry is comprised of fiber making, yarn making, mats and mattings, rubber-backed mats, synthetic backed mats, rubberized beds, and various other useful products. 

 About 76% of the complete coir societies in India are situated in Kerala. 93% of individuals and 74% of the workforce belong to Kerala. 

It consists of Exporters and large companies. In general, it can be stated that this layer is the main driving force of the coir industry in Kerala. Through efficient marketing in foreign countries, they earn foreign exchange as well as promote production in the other layers. For, the coir industry is market-driven and it keeps on being in the buyers‟ market. 

The reason for loss or low margin of profit is due to the manipulated dynamics of the market. When the price of coir increases in the internal and international markets, the private traders correspondingly increase the price of husks thereby reducing or neutralizing the profit due to the production units. The traders get the benefit. 

For historical and geographical reasons, Kerala ranks first in coir production. Kerala was the significant focus of coir creation in the nation by virtue of the accessibility of a huge amount of raw materials, that is, coconut husks. In addition, due to the wealth of normal retting facilities with extended coastal areas and lagoons, Kerala alone represented over 85% of the complete creation in the nation against, accordingly, the Coir Industry has taken profound root in this state.

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