SPICE COAST MARATHON to be organized at Cochin on November 16th
PICE COAST MARATHON to be organized at Cochin on November 16th Which highlight the necessity of aerobic exercises including running to promote health care said T.C. Yohannan, Olympian. He was speaking at the function organized at Coir Board to launch the coir medallion sponsored by Coir Board for all the participants who finishes the marathon run. Shri. S.N. Tripathi, Chairman, Coir Board who presided over the function said that Coir Board has specially designed the medallion out of Coir polymer composite boards which is a new generation product out of the natural coir. He added that Coir Board will continue to support such ventures which will promote the use of natural fibres like coir. Earlier Shri. K. Ramesh, President, Soles of Cochin, the organizers of the Marathon informed that the run will be organized covering a distance of 42.2 kilometers. All the participants who completes the run will be awarded the medallion and the organizers have decided to give natural coir which is a unique product of Kerala as medallion. He thanked Coir Board for specially designing the medallion using natural coir fibre in an aesthetic manner. Shri. M. Kumara Raja, Secretary, Coir Board also spoke at the occasion.